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Heating Systems

We are are heating specialists & engineers in gas, solid fuel and oil central heating systems – installation, repair, servicing, upgrades and more… Our heating technicians are highly experienced and are fully qualified to carry out work to a high level of service and customer satisfaction. Systems Performance is designed to meet heating requirements on an individual basis from small domestic to light commercial.



Oil: Design and installation of Oil heating systems (OFTEC).

Replacement Central Heating Boilers - Combination, Sealed System & Condensing Boilers.

Money saving alterations - energy management systems - programmable room thermostats - thermostatic radiator valves - smart controls..

Water based whole house underfloor heating is provided by a supply of warm water from a mixing circuit or from a low temperature condensing boiler. A network of embedded pipes connected to a distribution manifold delivers the heat under the dictates of of individual room thermostats.

It is also advisable that you find out what type of fuel is available in your local area before looking at what type boiler you want. There are several types of boiler from which to choose so it is important to understand how they differ in order to make an individual choice for individual needs.

Heating Controls

A complete range of products for both domestic and commercial applications, including sensors, valves and lockshield valves.

A comprehensive range of programmable and non-programmable devices to suit all standard applications Timeswitches, Mini-programmers, time Controls & smart controls.

A comprehensive range of thermostats from basic room thermostats with setting dials or non-programmable thermostats with LCD displays, through to programmable models with increased functions and heat/cool devices.

Oil fired boiler

Enjoying the benefits an oil combination boiler provides the benefits of highly efficient oil central heating, combined with instant hot water.

The savings are considerable - in cost and space. You save space because unlike a conventional system there is no need for a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard, or cold water header tank in the loft (not forgetting all the extra pipework!). So you save money as there is no need to pay to store hot water.

Furthermore, you will never have to wait for a 30-gallon cylinder to heat up because you've run out of hot water! You can have bath after bath, time after time. And, of course, because a combi provides hot water direct from the cold mains, you'll enjoy powerful, invigorating showers.

High Efficiency Gas Boiler

High efficiency boilers use new energy saving technology to capture otherwise wasted heat and use fuel more economically - saving up to 35% when compared to an older existing boiler.

Solid Fuel Heating

Various types of solid fuel and appliances are available from Rayburn to Woodburning stoves using Wood, Coal Peat.