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lead roofwork

Lead Roofwork Specialists

One of the Country's leading Companies and Winners of Lead Awards for Excellence.
We have many years experience renewing and refurbishing leadwork on historic buildings, landmarks, churches and cathedrals as well as new-builds. We can also take old or damaged lead items (hopper heads, finials, mouldings) for refurbishment to retain age patina or remake them with new material. We can also fabricate lead gutters and vents to match existing or from design drawings.
All leadwork is carried out to British Standards using rolled lead sheet (BS12588) and leadwork carried out to BS6915 and to the recommendations of the Lead Sheet Association. We offer the Lead Contractor’s Association 25 year guarantee on all of our work
We make a range of vents for most situations in lead, copper or zinc for use on slated and tiled roofs. Also vents for flat roof applications with sizes to suit location and air free requirements of specific roofs.
lead roofworklead roofwork
1. Guaranteed leadwork for 25 years
The £250,000 guarantee is Insurance backed and underwritten.
2. Work that is carried out to published standards
BS6915 (the current code of practice for Design and Construction of Fully Supported Lead Sheet Roof and Wall Coverings)  
Rolled Lead Sheet (BS6915) – The Complete Manual (the definitive guide to leadwork design and installation, published by the Lead Sheet   Association)
3. Lead work that is regularly inspected as part of an organised programme
Vetting is a “hands-on” inspection at rooftop level and conducted by a member of the LCA Council.
4. Our work is graded as (E) Excellent as published in the LCA Annual Directory.
Grade are - (S) Satisfactory (G) Good (E) Excellent
5. All staff are fully accredited Leadwork specialists.
6. We can assist in the design and detailing of a leadwork installation.